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The idea of this page is to have a small picture & a brief description of the Vehicle. Hopefully this will help new members to get to know who's who & be a handy way of putting names to faces

Disco 2

Name: Mark Avogadri


Vehicle 2(hers): Disco 2 TD5

For a very sad list of some of my previous vehicles, have a look here

Russ & Hayley Brown with Vinnie Name: Russ & Hayley Brown
Vehicle:1984 bog standard 2.5 litre 90 truck cab. 
History: Well, it was in 1984. Vinnie spent it's formative years on a farm, was never washed and generally had a pretty rough time of it. It was part exchanged in the late 80's at main dealers and stayed on the forecourt for an embarrassing length of time because of the state it was in. An opportunist mate of mine by the name of Dave Jenden picked it up for a song, dismantled it and rebuilt the vehicle that is now known as Vinnie with heavy duty everything, 4 pinion diffs front and back and a nice V8. In the early 90's Dave decided on the Tdi as his weapon of choices so Vinnie was sold on to a very nice bloke in Buckinghamshire by the name of Chris Cherkas, who is sadly no longer with us after a motor bike accident. Chris was the newsletter editor over at Chiltern Vale and sold us Vinnie in 1998 (sadly to fund a new bike) on the condition that Haley took on the newsletter job as well. As they say the rest is history. As to where it lives and how often it gets washed Vinnie is suffering from déja vu. Fortunately Vinnie can't speak French.
Russ Black Name: Russ Beck
Vehicle: 1969 Series 11a swb diesel
History: This Landy started life as a 2.25 D hard top in east London and spent some of it's time in Norfolk prior to me buying it as a backup vehicle in 2000. I Initially used it for green laneing having joined this club just after the most recent outbreak of Foot & Mouth had passed. I fitted an overdrive and a 2.5 N/A 90 engine a couple of years ago and changed the front springs for those from a lightweight with heavy duty front shocks. I find this suspension set up gives excellent articulation. Having recently converted to a truck cab I felt a roll cage would be a good idea and fabricated and fitted it myself. It also had a full re-paint in 2004, although you wouldn't know it now. The original hard top has been cut down to form a removable top for the pick-up bed, I also sometimes run a snorkel via a 300tdi disco air filter box, but it doesn't seem to breath too well on that set up. Together we've travelled many thousands of miles on green laneing trips and competed with some success in TV trials. Including first in class at the 2005 Essex LARK interclub RTV. Maintenance is an ongoing issue for a Landy used as hard as this one is. But, 'Hey that what they were built for.'
John Ralphs Name: John Ralphs
Vehicle : 1962 IIa petrol
This was bought 7 years ago to tow Vanessa's horse trailer but thankfully she now has her own 90. It was a real bargain, although I didn't realise why at the time, being totally new to Land Rovers and having nobody to advise me. A new chassis had been fitted just a year previous. The downside was that the guy rewired it with black wire which made it impossible to fault-find.It's taken me on green lane trips to central Wales, to Salisbury Plain and on numerous local green lane trips during the first years or two of the Club's life. It's also been in two ARC Nationals. It now spends most of its time being abused on RTV trials. It started life as a hard-top, but I converted it to a truck-cab to make it more competitive.It's been rolled on to the roof at Avon Dassett (ENLROC challenge event), destroying two new door tops that were fitted the day before.At least we won the Challenge Trophy !  Those looking inside will see that I've also replaced the bulkhead with one from a military Series III.The original bulkhead was too far gone for me to repair, and a military Series III bulkhead gives the advantage of a more sensible wiring harness using plugs and sockets.Vanessa (daughter) has also driven it at RTV trials, but finds the lack of power steering is a problem, so she's been seduced by Suzukis.The wish-list is a set of parabollics and a new truck-cab.The current cab's not been the same since I was stopped dead by a large branch which pushed the entire cab back by 2”. Oh ­ and the front bumper has a deep hollow in the centre which matches exactly a large tree at Great Brickhill in which Vicky the scorer just happened to be sitting.She said that the earth moved for her. Tree? No! surely not! - Mark
Mike PhilpotMike's 90 Name: Mike Philpot
Vehicle: 1989 RR County LHD
HISTORY: Brought over from the States stock was sold once before I bought it and now I would get rid of the wife before the RR, or is it the wife would get rid of me? The wife and two boys, Michael and William, have seen fit to name her Precious from the movie 'Lord of the Rings', as they swear they have heard me wispering 'MY PRECIOUS' as I work on her in the drive. She has taken us anyplace we have wanted to go and a few places that we should not have 'You all know the ford story'.
MODS: Started out straight from the factory. Since then Scorpion 2" lift w/extended brake lines, xtreme prop shafts, xtreme rear trailing arms, front diff gaurd, steering gaurd, and track rod gaurd, along with QT rear diff gaurd. An inch has been cut off of the wheel arches. Have added lights to the bull bar. Will soon be adding wrap around bumpers that are being made, this will take the bottom of the front and rear quarter panels off and then attach to the frame for strength.

Vehicle 2: 1985 90
Started out as a stock 90 truck cab with a 2.25 petrol engine.  Have added the full cab, 2” lift and 285/75-16 Macho’s on modular rims.  Much more to come.

Chris Cowdery Name: Chris Cowdery

Vehicle: Series IIA SWB V8

History: Chris used to go green laning with the previous owner in the 80's when he was a teenager. The previous owner managed to trash the engine & chassis on an outing with HBRO, so Chris took it on in 1988 when he was 15. The intervening years have seen two new chassis, four new engines, one new gearbox, two axles, four diffs, countless tyres & brakes and endless tweaking.

Modifications: Currently it's got a 4.6 V8 running LPG, automatic transmission, PAS, all round disc brakes, coils, more instruments than a fighter jet, central locking and heated mirrors.

Andy Collins Name: Andy Collins

Vehicle: TBA!

Mods: built over 8 years from an unregistered RR chassis of indeterminate age, reduced in length in the centre by 12", with a SIIIrear chassis section grafted on. The engine came from an SD1 and is mounted several inches lower and further back than normal, the injection from a RR, the gearbox is an Army rebuilt SIII, the axles are RR. The only bits from the original SIII are the rear tub, door bottoms, wings, windscreen, bonnet and fuel tank (which has had a very large chunk chopped out of it). At the last count, major parts were sourced from 23 different vehicles. 

My advice: don't bother, buy a 90!!!

Colin ArgentColin Argent - picture taken not 30 secs before getting completly stuck!

Name: Colin Argent

Vehicle 1: 1999 Defender 90 TD5
Bought new in 1999 - my first new car with my own cash! Took it laning on first day and scratched it! It has done the Croisiere Blanche twice, the Trophee Cevenol and Le Malgre Tout! Many mods including Disco Transfer Box, Safety Devices Cage, Milemarker Winch, Snorkel, Terratrip, Goodyear MTR Tyres. Very tough motor - kills so far include a Volvo, Mini and Renault!

Vehicle 2: 1989 Discovery 200TDi (Honest)
Started life as a 3 door Disco - all bodywork removed using a 9" grinder (very satisfying). Since then made to look this by Whitbred Offroad including wheelbase shortened to 88", spaceframe body to Series 1 dimensions, rear axle converted to radius arms and twin shocks all round. 2.5 Tdi now rebuilt but still no brakes, wiring, interior, plumbing, transmission as yet - due for completion - sometime

Rob Garry Name: Rob Garry

Vehicle: 2002 MY Defender 110 XS Station Wagon, bought new from Marshalls in Cambridge May 2003 - our first Land Rover. We bought it because we needed something with 6+ seats and lots of room - we didn't realise we were buying a lifestyle as well. Used for the school run, trips to tip etc. and getting muddy. Joined BHCLRC in November 2003, initially to save money on insurance, but have thoroughly enjoyed the trips we've been on with the club. 

Rob & Benita Garry (& Jemma & James)

Stuart GoddardStuart goddard 2 Name: Stuart Goddard

I broke the series 2 (JGW 600K) and am waiting to get a new engine. In the interim I treated myself to a newer 110 crew cab as shown. I will be finishing off a few bits like getting some different tyres and then I will be out & about over the summer greenlaning.

Ged Hallam Name: Ged Hallam & Carol Bullen
Vehicle: 90 station wagon (1989)
History: Purchased from a dealer Ashbourne just resprayed shiny green (originally blue). Assume a farmer owned this vehicle before due to the lack of maintenance and the amount of straw around the cab area.
The engine was originally a 2.5 turbo diesel, which gave up the ghost in December 2004, I replaced this with a newish 200tdi complete with LT77 and transfer box. The shaft between the two boxes was drilled to aid lubrication and the clutch arm strengthen. 205/16 tyres were exchanged for 750/16 G90's (what a difference!). Except the diff and steering guards its standard.
To Do List: Dents to be knocked out; NAS lights to be fitted; underside wax oiled; doors fixed; new locks; new windscreen; fit clock in dash – the list is endless but wouldn't have it any other way!!!!
We also owned a Series III while the 90 was being fixed (big mistake) had been spoilt by power steering, servo brakes, coil spring suspension, heating etc.
Joining BHCLRC three years ago introduced us to a new life style: trailing; green laneing; challenges etc., and the help and friendship found along the way has been terrific. 
Ben Parfitt

Name: Ben Parfitt
Vehicle: 1978 Series III 109 FFR
History: Bot had one previous owner who went round defending the realm! For the last four years I have driven her carefully and considerately. Needing to replace 2 diffs 2 prop uj's 1 axle 1 engine and 1 gearbox (I didn't break that one).

Mods: Pretty standard really, allowing for the 24V electrics and a LPG system. I have added a 12V supply and a removable CB radio plus several designer dents to the bodywork.
Intentions: To eventually retire Bot to fair weather mud and to get something with mod cons. I don't know, able to break the national speed limit and a radio
is a start and the have the number 90 in the model name!

Vehicle: 1996 Discover 300TDI
History: Driving BOT every day was taking it's toll so I bought 'Phil'. The state of the transfer leaver suggested the most ofroad it has gone was the Tescos car park. It has most of the modern items like carpet, heating, leather, cruse control and front and rear A/C (How I've turned soft!) and for the benefit of Mrs Ben it's an Auto box. Now I'm scared of breaking something and denting the body (I got over the scratches during the greenlainng trip) 

Mods: Heavy duty bumpers front and rear, spot lights, a second set of wheels and a CB radio. So far.......

John Webb NAME: John Webb (if I'm correct, the club's youngest driver)
VEHICLE: 1968 series2A 2.25 diesel
HISTORY: I brought this landy in May 2004 when I was 16 out the back of LRO. It had no MOT or TAX but I had some time to sort that out before I was 17.Over the next year I used it off-road at pay & play days and at home on the farm, but all the off-roading had taking it's toll on the rusty chassis. So over the summer of 2005 I stripped it down and had new 2 dumb irons and a new rear crossmember welded on, the chassis was cleaned off and painted black. I then filled it with wax-oil and sprayed the outside with a diesel+oil mix, the axles were taken off and all new springs, shocks, and font wheel bearings were fitted, I painted them silver as well. I also fitted a new footwell to the bulkhead and a new fuel tank. The brakes were overhauled at the same time. I had to rebuild the gearbox later in the year due to second gear going bang!
Mods: diff guards, homemade snorkel + air-box, bulbar, 6 spot lights, tree wires, 300w stereo system in the roof, cubby box, Mountney steering wheel, Defender seats and door mirrors, inclinometer, high level L.E.D. brake light, swing-away spare wheel carrier, tool box in the back, bulbar, lots of chequer-plate (which is all cut out by myself) and a few stickers. Rock sliders are next on my list to make.
Name: Pete Restall
1996 Discovery 3.9 V8 ES Auto.
My everyday transport with a few peculiarities.
A speed warning beeper that only is only fitted to certain export models.
When ordering some heater hoses, after 3 attempts the only ones the dealer could get to fit were from an 50th Anniversary Defender.Also recently discovered it has a Series II Disco gearbox (3 years before the D2 was launched.).
The usual mods so far, Steering Guard, Tank Guard, Safari Snorkel, CB, BFG 245 Muds.
Far more going on shortly after the current engine rebuild.

1949 Series 1 80” (Abby)
Andy MarchantName: Andrew Marchant
Vehicle: 1992 Range Rover
This is my first Land Rover, bought in April 2003. They say to buy the best you can afford and this was
the only one I found that wasn't rusty. Little did I know then what I'd bought!
Originally factory "UDU" registered, it spent a year or so owned by Land Rover. It's built to Japanese Spec
and thus has a few special parts, e.g. shift interlock (I have to press the brake to put it in drive), chrome
bumpers, little V8 badges - but it's always been UK registered. Built in early 1992, it's a 1993 model
year (e.g. high fuel filler), but the VIN is about 6000 vehicles before the parts book says a 93MY should
be. It has dark grey paint with dark brown trim, before that became a possible combination (via
Autobiography in Oct 93). The wiring loom is covered in "prototype" labels - and you think the electrics are iffy in yours!!! My best guess is that it was a development vehicle (LR started selling RRs into Japan
in late 93/early 94?), but I don't know for sure.
Mods: LPG conversion, gas shocks, 2nd set of rims with 245/75 Roughrider tyres for greenlaning, Waxoyl,
towbar, jate rings, front spoiler and rear bumper corners removed.
Bryan Moss
Bryan Moss 2

Name: Bryan Moss
101 – bought from John Craddocks in 2000 because I'd wanted a 101 ever since I first saw them at Marshalls awaiting conversion. This one was named Lady Jane soon after I bought it. Since buying it, I've only put about 3000 miles on it (it's just too thirsty), but love every minute of driving it. I originally intended to keep it as an off road toy, and convert to a camper. However, due to the cost of spares, and the fact that so many of these have been converted, I decided to return it to its original spec. It now sports a full set of tools on the front, as well as the correct (and fully charged) fire extinguishers. The rear has a full set of stretchers, and the dual gas dispensers. I've also reinstated the blue beacon on the roof, and coaxed the siren back into life. It's got an awkward gearbox, very heavy steering, and cooks the occupants of the cab in any weather – I wouldn't replace it for the world!
To-do list – locate the cause of overheating, replace eberspacher heater and hoses, make replacements for the missing panels, knock dents out, re-line interior, rewire, respray and too many other things to list

90 – Bought in 2004, when I had the luck to find an immaculate TD5 pickup which had obviously never been anywhere near any mud, this started as a base spec vehicle with very few extras. Since buying it, I've added light guards, steering guards, rock sliders, winch, and diff guards. The interior hasn't escaped my attentions either, with 4-point harnesses and a stereo to make any essex boy jealous. Has been named Bob. Love the fact that it looks like an agricultural vehicle until you look closely, and aim to maintain that illusion
To-do list – Complete stereo system, move ECU to roof level, suspension lift, replace fuel filler cap with a waterproof one, demountable rear winch, and anything else that takes my fancy.

Vanessa, Rosie & Hui

Vanessa, Rosie & HuiName - Vanessa Ralphs
- 300 tdi Defender - HUI 413 Suzuki - ROSIE
History - I started driving 9 years ago in my dad's series II and was doing RTV's in it and still do. But due to a back problem the Leaf suspension was killing my back, so I became a traitor to the Landrover Club and bought a suzuki. But my heart still was with Landrovers so I bought my Pride and Joy - HUI, which I have now set up two trials in (and great trials they were). People who know me, know I am a bit mad (well a lot mad actually) and like being noticed in my vehicles, so I got the newest member of my family - ROSIE. She was designed and built for me by KAP Suzuki in North Yorkshire and she was built for me to CCV in. And Yes she is bright Pink - hehe.

Gary Kenny
Name: Gary Kenney, Joined BHCLRC at Gaydon LR show, May 2006
Vehicle: 1991 Discovery 200 Tdi
History: Brought the Disco Oct 2005, 125,000 miles on the clock. I use the truck everyday and the clock now shows 147,000 miles (Oct 2006). It was a dead standard Discovery when I brought it but after buying into the Land Rover lifestyle I knew the standard look would have to go! 
Mods: 235/70/16 AT tyres, Scorpion Racing jackable sills, steering guard (front valance removed), Hi-Lift jack, 4 new callipers, 4 new brake discs, new clutch after the fork broke, standard height uprated springs front & rear, new Pro Comp shocks, front & rear diff pan guards, Brownchurch awning, Hannibal Impi rooftent, (the last two mods for camping) Chequer plate inside rear door with drop down ledge to make a cuppa tea on! Just replaced the viscous fan & waterpump at cambelt service.
Jobs to do: Would like a Southdown detachable tow bar/tank guard, Safari snorkel & breather kit. K&N filter element. Rear awning. Oh, must get a rear ladder on the door too!
My Disco is my everyday transport, greenlaner and my home when out camping (which is when I'm not laning!) Normally if you see me laning or camping, my side kick is with me Charlie, my 5 year old son who's every bit a Landie fan as me! - Photo shown is on the London2Brighton run Ocotber 2006 - Had a ball! (Take a look in the gallery, I've some photos of me & Charlie on our Land Rover adventures!)
Harrie Draper
Name: Harrie Draper
Age: 14
Vehicle: Series III SWB
History: I started off this off roading stuff when dad decided he’d like to start green laning. He decided that he would get a landrover discovery. I first drove that at the Whitwell tyro. You’ll probably remember the reversing incident.. omg how embarrassing. Anyway, in this summer holidays dad said that he wanted a Series III to start RTV in. Then I got into it and he said it can be yours too. Sooo!! Its now pink and now its 90% mine 10% his. Avo sold it to us in the holidays and then I spent the WHOLE holidays at ALL4WHEELS with kev an gill giving me help and letting me use there workshop which part of is pink as to spillage of the paint ooopsie!


David Miller
Hi, I'm David Miller from Swavesey, just NW of Cambridge. This is "The Monster" which is my pride and joy (and that of my bank manager) and my wife's worst nightmare!!. I bought it off a friend who had already raised it, gas converted it, put new seats in,  and re-painted it.So, not much more to do then !!?!! since then I've added the A-bar and spots, rear wheel carrier, painted the bumper black, added a cd player, electronic ignition, rear wheel carrier etc etc etc. Problem is that I've spent so much keeping it running I have n't got a lot of things I want. What I'd like to add is a roof tent, underbody protection, winch, roof spots, snorkel, move the electrics up the back of the engine, window grills, 5-speed box and intercooler - and that's just off the top of my head. There must be more.
I also aspire to be able to fix the thing when it goes wrong !!!
I've just defected from the GLASS Cambs section. They are a good bunch and have some good activities but their greenlaning days are sunday only and I can't do sundays anymore. so, I joined BH&C to get some saturaday laning and w/e away in the summer.
Look forward to meeting you all.
SuzukiHi there, my name is Justin & I have quite a few 4x4s from my range rover to my
deisel suzuki sj. I have been in to off roading for about ten years and love
it. Hope to meet a few of you all soon.
I'm Rob I've only had Landys for about a year.
Here are my 2:
Series 2a 88' 1970 It's Still needs a bit of tlc but will get there. It's now got Fiesta Seats and Seat Belts from same fiesta.

The Freelander I've Painted the Dash matt Black to stop Glare from sun on the screen, otherwise its Standard.

Hope to meet you soon

This is my 1990 vogue 3.9efi se range rover this is my 2nd rangy but 7th 4x4 I've only had it a few months (pic in the hole was 3 days after buying it) I've got 2" lift diff and steering guards only 2 bucket seats with harnesses. Im slowly in the process of tidying it up sills etc just money money money!!  

paul morison 27 barton-le-clay

Thought i would join in the spirit of things and send in my motors. Not that you are likely to be seeing them around at the moment.
The first is the NAS, reported to be the first North American Spec (NAS) Hardtop to be assembled. The story goes, according to Safety Devices, as follows. She was built as a 3.9 Fuel Injected V8 soft top in 1995 and taken off the line by Special Vehicles. She was then sent to Safety Devices along with a memo and a flat packed hardtop. The memo from Special Vehicles requested that Safety Devices install the hard top and then design/manufacture and install a roll over cage to suit the Hardtop and to meet North American Standards. The truck then went back to Special Vehicles who registered her in may 1996 as a 3.5 Carburated V8. She was then used as a factory mule for another year before being released to a company auction. Jonathon Rogers purchased her in April 97 with me purchasing her on July 4th 1998. This history has been confirmed by both Safety Devices and Landrover Traceability. I exported her to North America 4 years ago where she has lived both north in the Yukon (-43C) and south in California
The other toy has been in manufacture since around 1990. Started as a 1985 127 inch V8 Cab with no rear body and 11,000 confirmed miles.. Now sits on a new factory 90 frame with 300 tdi motor, Auto box and 1:1.6 Ashcroft transfer case . It will probably have lockers and long travel suspension although i am toying with the idea of air suspension. NAS rear tub with Safety Devices FIA approved cage, Matt Lee wheels etc etc. Nothing on the truck has more than 11,000 miles on it with most parts being brand new. One day it will be finished in White and Black with a steering wheel on one side or the other, started as L/H then went R/H, currently L/H.

here is a list of the landrovers that have bleed me dry over the years in purchase order.

  • 1965 Series 2 SWB with 3 lt straight 6. Total rebuild. NTM 915H
  • 1972 2 door Range Rover. SSS 555K
  • 1976 2 door Range Rover.
  • 76 inch coil sprung CCV Landrover. All Wheel Drive club spec with V8 and rear fiddle brakes, full cage and very little else. Called "Crocus". Had something to do with the colour.
  • 1973 Ser 3 Lightweight. Owned for 21 years. Trialled for most of that time. Rolled twice. 150,000 miles on original engine gearbox and clutch. Didnt do oil changes towards the end, just topped up when the red light came on going round corners. SKX 951W
  • 1985 127 inch V8 Defender. ongoing project
  • 1998 300 Tdi Discovery
  • 1995 NAS V8 Defender 90. Factory Hardtop Mule. First NAS hardtop to be built.

Funny what registrations you remember? or is that just

That little lot adds up to a few shirt buttons spent
over the years.

Name: Peter & Linda Milner
Vehicle: 2008 black Defender 110 SW (Puma)
History: I always wanted a Land Rover and when the Terrano died we thought there was no other choice. We went greenlaning in it almost immediately and have enjoyed many roads in Wales as well. Hence the CB radio. We have a snorkel and a full roll cage, fitted by Whitbread Off Road and a front winch. Nearly all the carpets have been removed and checker plate fitted in the load area. Listening to the advice of other members decided us to fit a rear wheel carrier. I can't say it's been the most reliable of vehicles (needed a new rear diff after only 10,000 miles) but it certainly is the most satisfying, I doubt if we will go back to an ordinary car. We also have two old Triumphs in the garage, a Spitfire and a GT6, but they don't get much use nowadays. We're too busy playing with the Defender!
Hi, I'm a new member, only joined last month, thought I'd send some pics in. Attached is my first land rover, a brand new discovery 3 (09 Model), having taken it out greenlaning a few times, then spending much time afterwards polishing out the scratches, I got the silver defender 90 (2000 MY, TD5 X-Tech).
I'm keen to get involved with the club, however time does not permit at the moment, but hopefully soon I'll be out there, and over to shefford to meet you all. The Disco is a standard HSE model, no off road kit added, long term plans, once it's not my day to day car, is to fully kit it out with protection etc. The Defender does have a chequer plate,safari snorkel and steering guard, just ordered some diff guards. This will be my hobby car, so in time I'm going to lift the suspension etc.
Many thanks Ian Parsons (Newmarket)
Name: Craig, Anne-marie, Rai & Holly, oh and the hound Grace.
Vehicle: 2005 D3 4.4 V8 G4
Previous Landy: 2008 D3 XS (Very much missed especially by the wife!)
History: Was used in the 2006 G4 Challenge on stages 3 & 4 in Bolivia. Was driven by the overall winner Martin Dreyer of South Africa on stages 3 & 4, stage 4 being where he emerged victorious and was crowned 2006 G4 Challenge winner. We have owned her since Aug 09, prior to us owning her she belonged to Landrover for the G4 Challenge and then a very nice chap who looked after her very well indeed. An absolutely beautiful Landy.  Proud and privileged to own her, an iconic Landrover she may be however she will be seeing the dirt as often as time permits.  We look forward to meeting members of the club.
Name: Lee, Louise and  George Hubbard
Vehicles: Camel trophy 4.2 V8 Series 3,  Camel Trophy 2.6 Series 3 Prototype, Series 3 2.5 Hybrid, Series 3 200 Tdi Coil Hybrid.
History: I have been involved in Landrovers since I was a youngster, learning to drive in a series 3 and infact passing my test in one I still own. I have always been interested in camel trophy and had the oppotunity to rescue a rather decrepid prototype camel series 3 from the jaws of the crusher some years ago.  I subsequently rebuilt another series 3 to camel spec but opting for a V8...(well you just have to!!). I also rebuilt and upgraded a series 3 off roader installing a more recent engine and gear box, as well as roll cage and front and rear winches.
My latest project is a 200Tdi series 3 / 90 hybrid. Some of you may have seen it out and about, but for those who have not its was in LRW in Febuary last year. It has a stage 2 200Tdi with LT77 box. Series body work all round so looks like a series on steroids!!..
what will be the latest project............