An FVT is probably one of the reasons you bought a Land Rover in the 1st place. You wanted something that was big & solid & capable off road. Some of you, I'm sure, haven't yet had the opportunity to try them in an off road competition.

Who’s an FVT/Tyro aimed at?
Anyone who fancies a try, who's a member & has a suitable 4x4! Those with tricked up, raised, shortened, mud tyred monsters will have no advantage. Everyone should be on a fairly level playing field. This is the perfect opportunity to either try out your 4x4, or, if you are a regular trialler, let someone else have a go in yours, maybe a mate, or the Mrs (or Mr) or even one of the kids (see event regs for age limits), as long as they are a member, & have a full UK driving license (Not required for tyro - see event regs).

But I don’t want to scratch/dent/roll/destroy my Land Rover!
Understandable! This is then the event for you. The whole point of an FVT/Tyro is that you should be able to drive in your pride & joy, & leave at the end of the day in much the same condition, if a little dirtier!

So what do we do all day then?
We spend the day taking turns to drive round 6 to 10 sections, each section comprising of 12 ‘gates’ (a gate being 2 6’ bamboo canes), placed in such a position that some form of skill is necessary to avoid touching them. If by any chance you do touch them, points are awarded corresponding to the number on the gate. Whoever ends up with the lowest number of points is the winner. Easy! Well yes, apart from the mud, slopes etc that seem to always get in the way.

Will I damage my Vehicle?
The organisers will do their best to ensure that the sections, & routes between them will not present obstacles that will cause damage. If you follow all the instructions given to you on the day, then you should be ok. Please remember that there will be a site speed limit of 10MPH.  Obviously, accidents can happen, & you are taking part at your own risk.

So what if I don’t like the look of something.
SPEAK UP, ask a marshal, ask to drive last, say that you don’t fancy trying that bit. You don’t have to drive everything if you don’t want to, no one will think less of you for it. We all know how much these things cost to buy & repair! If you’re not happy, then don’t do that part.

But I’ve never done anything like this before.
Perfect time to start then…! If you’re unsure, then speak to someone. You can always call a committee member (see contact details in Four Play) for advice. Ask someone at the Club Night. If you’re really not sure, come along on the day for a look, and then compete in the next one.

Is my vehicle suitable?
Is it a fairly tidy Land Rover, then probably!
Your vehicle will be scrutineered. This is a process whereby the Club Scrutineer performs something like an MOT on each vehicle. (This takes places on the morning of the event, so please be early). He will be looking for anything that could prove dangerous during the event.
If you are roadworthy, & in a position to pass an MOT, then you should be OK. He will also check that anything in the vehicle is secured, the last thing you want is to go over a pothole, or brake suddenly, only to find the contents of the toolbox in the back flying all over the place, & landing somewhere painful. If you have the specially lowered ‘Fat Boy’ Rangie, with the 22” rims, & 45 profile tyres, you should pre book, so we can get a steamroller in to flatten the course!