BHCLRC Email Subscription

Sadly we are no longer able to offer our 'BHCLRC NEWS' service.

The reason all down to Spam, or should i say Spam filters. ISPs are working harder & harder to try & block spam. The downside of this is that use sledgehammer tactics & any email that goes to many recipients is treated as Spam & blocked or rejected. Up to now I have found work arounds to ensure that the news gets out to most of our subscribers but AOL & Microsft have now clamped down to such a degree that I can no longer work round them. This means that over 50% of our recipients no longer get the email & we have taken the decision to abandon the service altogether.

All news items will now be posted on our Forum. You may have to register to read all the forum.

When registering, please include your membership number as part of your forum ID.