Off-road terminology



The general term for the majority of competitive off road events.

A BHCLRC trial will normally consist of 6 to 12 sections, each section will require you to navigate through 12 'gates' in reverse number order. You must keep forward motion and the further you get the lower your score, the lowest score wins. Click here to see some trialling action. (1.9meg file)


Made of two bamboo canes with a number on the right hand one, in a trial get one front hub of your Land Rover through without touching them and you've saved the next point.


Long wheelbase vehicles such as 110s, Range Rovers & Discoveries are allowed to nominate one gate on each section where they will stop and reverse. This 'theoretically' gives them an even chance against short wheelbase vehicles.


A brief examination of your vehicle prior to any event to confirm it is safe and qualifies for its class. Similar to a UK MOT test.


Road Taxed Vehicle Trials. Entry level trialling, generally non-damaging.

Your Land Rover must be road legal and pass 'scrutineering'. The only modifications required are a 25p throttle return spring, a 2L AFFF extinguisher & proper recovery points at front & rear.
Most BHCLRC events are in this category.


Cross Country Vehicle Trials. Same format as RTV but more advanced.

Vehicles need to have an approved roll cage, but don't have to be road legal, terrain is far more demanding and there is a genuine risk of rolling if you drive badly. Not for the faint hearted as there is a 50% chance of some minor damage at each event. Not recommended if your LR is your only means of transport.

Night Trial

Same format as the RTV trials but darker.


Click here for detailed description


Similar to an FVT, slightly gentler still, younger kids are permitted to passenger subject to being belted up in forward facing seats. Angles of lean / approach / departure etc are regulated by MSA rules (see MSA Blue Book section H for full details - available from link in the 'Info' section)
Green Laning

Driving off-road on tracks and byways and other vehicular rights of way. Click here to see some green laning action. (1.3meg file)

A right to which local residents will sometimes contest. Giving members the opportunity to show what genuinely nice and courteous folks they really are and thus dispose of any predefined misconceptions. Check out the green lane code of conduct


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