Tyre size calculator

How much difference do these 265/85's really make to your overall tyre size?
Tyre info based on info from www.carbibles.com

Old  Tyre Size  Tread
Tyre Diameter
Tyre Circumference
  mm   %   inches   inches   mm   mm
New Tyre Size    mm   %   inches   inches   mm   mm
Difference in Diameter: percentage =  %    actual =  mm
Difference in Circumference: percentage =   %   actual = mm
So at an indicated 70 mph you will actually be traveling at mph

For old gits with imperial tyres, you can check your size here

Your imperial tyre size: x  
Equivalent standard tyre size is :/100 R

MPG calculator

If, like me, you calculate your mpg by filling up, resetting the trip counter, then drive a few hundred miles, fill up again, then spend hours trying to work out how many litres you used, converting it into gallons, then working out you MPG, then this calculator is for you. Just tell it how many miles you did, how much it cost & what the price per litre was & it'll do it all for you.

Miles covered Price to fill Price per litre Litres used Gallons used MPG Cost per mile

Ok, so now we know the on road MPG, so lets do a little more maths. How much is this trip going to cost in fuel?

How far? MPG Price per litre Total cost

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