About the Beds Herts & Cambs Land Rover Club
Good to meet you all at (Land Rover) Fest, you are a very friendly club! The beer was great, you are all on my wavelength!!
Take care

Rebecca Smith - Event Co-ordinator - Live Promotions Events Ltd - Sept 2006

The north of England may get most of the good press in terms of spectacular off-road terrain, but there are hidden gems tucked away in the South East, and we're certain you wouldn't regret your decision to sign up for this evolving club.

Paul Dimery, Land Rover World 'Club Scene' - December 2001

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BHCLRC is an independent Land Rover club that offers a balanced calendar of Trialing, green-laning and social events. Every effort is made to make new members and their vehicles feel welcome whatever their level of interest or experience.

The club was originally formed as Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club. The members decided that it would be better to operate as a limited company, and Beds Herts and Cambs LR Club Limited was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee on 27 May 2004 (Name changed to Beds Herts & Cambs Lard Rover Club Oct 2007) with the registered number 5139940. All of the activities of the club are now carried on by that company under its own name or by the company operating as Beds Herts and Cambs Land Rover Club. On joining, all members are members of the company and agree to abide by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company which govern what the company can do and how it is run. Click here for a copy.

In 2006 BHCLRC entered into a licensing agreement with the Land Rover company. Under this agreement the club is allowed to use Land Rover's green oval on its merchandise and stationary and refer to itself as a 'Land Rover approved club'. Land Rover regularly supports the club with loan vehicles for shows and events.

msa logo BHCLRC is a Motor Sports Association recognized competitive club. This means that all of our competitive events are run to MSA rules, regulations and safety requirements. To this end a portion of the signing on fee at all our competitive events goes directly to the MSA to cover third party insurance during the event.

What we do

  • We have the regular RTVs mentioned elsewhere,
  • Tyros
  • CCV
  • Local, not so local & Foreign Green Lane trips (France 2006, Croatia 2005)
  • We have a new 'Extreme' section in development
  • Regular attendance at local & national shows
  • Training for members
  • Monthly pub meets
  • Quarterly magazine

We have an extensive communication and support network which includes an forum and a quarterly newsletter. You will also find a wealth of technical support as well as discount schemes with local and national suppliers.


If we sound like what you are looking for, whether you live in the BHC area or simply want to enjoy our events, magazine or the many other benefits of BHCLRC membership, then just print and fill in the application form at the join BHCLRC page and join us. You will receive your membership card and the latest edition of 'Four Play', the club magazine within a few days. To find out more about us pop along to our next pub night as detailed in the events calendar or get in touch with our committee as listed on our contact page.


Membership benefits include:
Social events
Green Laneing trips
Competitive events
Four Play magazine
Monthly pub meetings
Off-road driver training
Free use of web site Sales pages
E-mail Database for news and press releases
100's of man-years of Land Rover experience on tap
Discounts. (Go to links pages for list of discount suppliers)

Trade Membership
Trade members get all the benefits of regular membership as detailed above for themselves and up to four employees, as well as a second copy of Four Play and discount advertising opportunities.

BHCLRC actively encourages members to be involved in the running of their club to whatever level they desire, and is ever conscious that the club belongs to its membership. If we sound like what you are looking for then fill in the application form at the join BHCLRC page and join us.

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